Let the world spin a few times

I was daydreaming the other day about taking a break far away from the bustling UES neighborhood where I live. It is easy for me to imagine an active escape immersed in good company and delicious cuisine as I have relished in adventure jaunts for the past 5 years thanks to http://www.trektravel.com. My first trip with the group was to Napa and although the riding was fierce, I returned from the weekend more pleased with the friends that I had made, than the numbers I had measured on my cyclometer. As with all of the trips following that initial one, I have found Trek’s touring company to provide the most authentic, unique and well-crafted vacations in the travel industry. By combining legendary service and a relaxed experience, guests are able to energize and take in every moment of the getaway.

I recently spoke with Tania Worgull, (TW) President of http://www.trektravel.com, on this very subject of how to live well and take in the view at the same time…

AM: Describe a scene from your favorite vacation/journey that you will always remember?

TW: The one time that sticks out in my mind on my own personal journey was the moment that switched everything and pointed me to move in the direction of where I’ve now been for the last 16 years. I was working in finance in California and I went outside for a run in the afternoon and met this couple that were biking from Alaska to Baja. I was stretching and they were at a park bench eating their lunch and they started to tell me all about what they were doing. And, as I always loved sports, cycling and outdoors, I thought, “You know, that is so awesome”…and so I went in and I quit my job. I stayed for 1 more month as I couldn’t just leave my position right on the spot, but since that moment, I have not gone back into finance or into anything that people would call normal.

AM: Why was that a pivotal moment for you?

TW: When I looked at that older couple who had waited to do this trip until they were both retired, they said that they wished they could have done it when they were younger because at this stage they couldn’t ride as far as they’d otherwise like to each day. And I thought I should be doing something like that now. They were so happy and I observed the freedom that they had. I started thinking, ‘how can I incorporate something like this into my job?’ I didn’t have the answer or a plan but I thought I would take 6 months off. During that time, I went on a self-guided bike tour with my brother. I moved to Colorado and lived in Aspen. And during that summer I was a raft guide. I got into the guiding part of it and thought it was a perfect fit. Then the next turning point came. We had rafted for a season and the next season when we came back, the guy who had owned the business for 20 years, decided to sell the business during the winter time and didn’t really tell any of the employees. And I was sitting next to my friend and I thought, “that’s too bad because I bet you that we could have bought the company”. So then all of a sudden I thought, “I should start my own active travel company.” I didn’t have the answers right away but several years down the line it happened.

AM: With so much to do, how do you manage to live “in the now”?

TW: The biggest thing which affords me the opportunity to remain in the present, is exercise. Whether it is running, riding, or playing around with the football or basketball, I find that it really helps. The other thing is that I try not to stress. Which is easier to say than to do. But, as an example, even if you leave work with a plan to BBQ and watch the sunset, emotions of stress can pull you back from truly enjoying it. So I really try to not get stressed out and I believe that things will always work out.

AM: Which activities bring you the most joy and feel like “play”?

TW: I feel most like I am playing, when I am a guest or working on a http://www.trektravel.com trip, I definitely have a lot of fun because you get to meet these spectacular men and women. And usually the people you are working with are amazing.

AM: Have you ever “missed” something because you were simply not present?

TW: Something that I miss, (and I need to work on this), is simply conversations. I am known to be a little addicted to my “crack-berry” and with so much going on, I will be chatting with someone and I will realize after they are done speaking that I did not hear a word that they just said. And I recognize it and I need to just tune out and focus solely on our discussion vs. multi-tasking in the situation.

AM: What 3 things are you most grateful for on a daily basis?

TW: 1. My job: because I love what I do and it pulls in exercise and helping other people to enjoy life, which is pretty nice. 2. My health. 3. My life in general. I have a wonderful husband, family and group of friends. Wisconsin is a nice place to live. I get to ride my bike to work every day and it is such a cool community.

AM: What is the single greatest piece of advice you’ve received in relation to being true to yourself?

TW: The first thing that pops into my mind is my Dad. If I ever got worried or stressed out or had too much going on, he would always say to me, “You know, just let the world spin a few times. Everything is going to be o.k.” And I still think about that when I wrestling with a problem. Just let it go for a while and come back to it and everything is going to be fine.

Tania Worgull is the President of http://www.trektravel.com. She was born in Milwaukee and graduated with a degree in Finance from Marquette University. She has been with Trek Travel for 6 years and has been focused on the active Travel industry for the past 13. Her favorite Trek Travel trip is Tuscany. She speaks English, Italian, and Spanish and can ask for a beer in 6 languages. Presently, Tania resides in Madison, Wisconsin with her husband John.