Change The Way You eeS Everything

My older brother has a remarkable ability to see most every problem as an opportunity. Throughout the years, he has always maintained an enthusiastic mood and an unbridled sense of curiosity about the world. He is an optimist with an energetic presence. Ever meet someone like this and marvel?

Fueled by a passion to be vitally engaged in life, rather than merely going though the motions, I think it is helpful to follow the movements of those who seem to have magnetic energy. An undeniable guru in this movement of positive thinking is Hank Wasiak. I came upon Hank’s work after reading which he collaborated on with Kathy Cramer. I asked Hank, (HW) a few questions to discover how he thinks:

AM: Can you describe a time in your life when it was difficult for you to forge your own path?

HW: Earlier in my life my primary concern was doing the very best I could to provide for my family. I was married with children at a young age, and like most people of my generation, that was my focus. As it should have been. It meant that I sometimes I had to forgo some ambitions or dreams, but it was well worth it. As it usually is.

AM: What forces worked in opposition to that?

HW: Again, responsibilities versus aspirations

AM: When and how did you learn to trust your instincts more?

HW: I started in business at a young age and found myself in positions of responsibility and authority well before I was “supposed” to be ready. I was usually the youngest guy in the room. At first, it was intimidating, but I learned to find mentors and people I could look up to and I studied them. I would try to put myself in their shoes and “mirror” the decision making process that they were going through. Very quickly I realized that my reactions and instincts would parallel theirs and my evaluative skills and confidence grew quickly. I still practice that today, especially when I find myself in new territory. It’s the Asset-Based Thinking principle of “Imitate shamelessly and often”.

AM: What would you say is your unique ability, and how or when did you discover this?

HW: I think I have a few qualities that have served me well. I enjoy working with people and have empathy. I like to take prudent risks and roll the dice every once in awhile. I am curious and I’ve never met an “idea” I didn’t like. I discovered it in college.

AM: How do you know when you are “in the flow”?

HW: I know I’m in the flow when I don’t look at my to do list and concern myself with what is yet to be done. I’m in the “now” and I lose a sense of time and place.

AM: What is the single greatest piece of advice you’ve received in relation to being true to yourself?

HW: You come into your life with one precious gift. Your integrity. Make sure when you leave this life you still have it.

Hank Wasiak is an Emmy award-winning producer and TV host, as well as an author, entrepreneur, and teacher. Hank is a communications industry leader who has worked with the corporate elite of global business throughout his 40-year career. He is co-founder of, one of today’s hottest creative development companies. Hank has risen to the top of every organization he has been with. He retired as Vice Chairman of McCann Erickson WorldGroup, the world’s largest marketing communications company, to co-found The Concept Farm. ??Hank is executive producer and segment host of the company’s Emmy award-winning weekly series “Cool In Your Code,” and he’s won three New York Emmy Awards for his innovative interview Series, “Back on The Block.” Hank earned a Bachelors degree in Business Administration from Pace University, an MBA in Marketing from the Baruch School of Business, has held an Assistant Professorship at Pace University, and has been a member of the teaching faculty at Eckerd College, the University of South Florida, and the University of Louisville. Hank currently serves on the American Heart Association’s Founders Affiliate Board of Directors and he also is a Reiki Master.